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In the Moon of a Wintertime       Click here for mp3   Click here for wave (high speed recommended)

In the moon of a wintertime snow sugaring my face
Night frost on a silver cobweb sparkles like a queen’s necklace
Northern wind like seasoned timber, you know she’ll never give
In the moon of a wintertime, got twenty more miles to live

In the dimness of first light, cobwebs hang like threads of sorrow
Got you walkin’ on my mind, where you’ve gone I cannot follow
I’ve got to hear the river sing and taste the wild mountain thyme
Feel the drum of a distant grouse in the dawn of a spring time

Cedar cabin standing weak, the door is old and rusty
Evening’s coming in, the cobwebs just look dusty
You know a tree can never bloom when it’s shaded by another
In the moon of a wintertime, farewell to you my lover

© 1992 D. Schumilas/Larkspur Music  All Rights Reserved.