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The Hungry Young     Click here for mp3   Click here for wave (high speed recommended)

Colony of poverty where immigrant children sleep
Sniffers and thieves, all too afraid to dream
Like a circling hawk with no place to land
They grow accustom to reprimand

Graffiti painted concrete where life costs a case of beer
Pain of our own defenses seems to dull the pain of fear
Muted voice cries, “Liberty!”
With the flag fluttering in frozen freedom

Welfare whitewash, alley vagabond takes his place
Feline shadows stalk and trace
The yellow circles of the streetlights
As a needle saves another from the endless empty nights

When hope has gone what are we to feed our young?
If hope is gone, tell me what are we to feed our young

©1995 D. Schumilas/Larkspur Music  All Rights Reserved.