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Don Happner adjudicates music festivals, gives classical guitar master classes, teaches guitar privately and offers school and community guitar clinics. 

Don has studied interpretation with many internationally renowned musicians including conductors, composers and performers on many instruments (piano, violin, cello, flute, saxophone and guitar). He has taught guitar performance and other music courses in colleges, universities for over 25 years.  He has also adjudicated music festivals in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Don has helped many students overcome repetitive strain injuries by changing their playing technique.  In addition to private lessons, he offers guitar clinics.  These are informal, interactive workshops with guitar players of all levels and styles who would like to improve their playing technique or learn new techniques.  Since most technical problems are a result of unnecessary tension, good technique is about learning how to use the hands in an efficient and more natural way. Don also has an extensive knowledge of guitar construction and in these clinics he readily answers questions regarding a guitar's playability, repairs and value.

For detailed fees or more information, please contact:

Don Happner, P.O. Box #359, White Fox, SK, S0J3B0