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Quest For Freedom       Click here for mp3   Click here for wave (high speed recommended)

Trust not the man who keeps no music in his soul
He値l hurt, he値l hate, he値l cheat and he値l grow early old
His mind will be crippled, his sense of justice, distorted
And his quest for freedom, forever will be unknown

Trust not the man who has no time for art
Passions unbalanced, his fears will tear him apart
Life will be lonely, a mirror of an empty mind
And his quest for freedom forever, will be unknown

And trust not the man who holds firm to beliefs
Afraid to question he grabs for the safe retreat

Now trust not the man who refuses to play in the sun
He won稚 dance in the rain, he won稚 spy as the birds feed their young
He値l dirty the skies 奏il the sun burns out his own life
And his quest for freedom, forever, will be unknown

1990 D. Schumilas/Larkspur Music  All Rights Reserved.