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Song Lyrics and Sound Clips

Visit Dawn and Don's youtube channel to listen to "Dolce"   and   "Gramma's Apron Pockets"

Below lists all the songs on the For The Birds CD.  Click on any song to read the lyrics and hear a sound clip. 

Songs can be purchased pay-per-download from  or under the Folk category or click here.


Track 1:    Chestnut and Cherry (folk)

Track 2:    Bein' Tender (folk)

Track 3:    If I Were A Bird (folk)

Track 4:    Moon Medicine (jazz ballad)

Track 5:    Gramma's Apron Pockets (folk)

Track 6:    The Hungry Young (folk)

Track 7:    Rubber Galoshes (folk/country)

Track 8:    In The Moon of a Wintertime (folk)

Track 9:    Cold September Rain (Latin ballad)

Track 10:    When the Whole World Marks Time (folk)

Track 11:    Quest for Freedom (folk)