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Rubber Galoshes     Click here for mp3   Click here for wave (high speed recommended)

I like the sloshes of rubber galoshes sloppin’ in the rain
The swish and the swash, the wish and the wash, through puddles in my back lane
My goodness my goshes how I love galoshes sloppin’ in the rain
The swish and the swash, the wish and the wash down in my back lane

Mom came in, ear to ear grin, said “Honey, I got you a treat!
It’s cherry red, starts at your head and it goes down to your feet.”
Well I squealed with glee and I ran to see, I knew it’d be somethin’ cute
A plastic jacket and pants to match it, a rain hat and shiny boots

‘Cause I like the sloshes ….

Well the very next day, the sky turned to grey and the clouds they started to cry
I got dressed so I could mess in the waters arisin’ high
I never knew pants so new could squeak with every step
My mom bought ‘em to keep my bottom dry when it gets wet

‘Cause I like the sloshes …

Well finally I found a hole in the ground half the size of me
And there I sat. Fancy that! Dry as I could be!
When the sun peaked out I still had doubts, would they pass the test?
In a hundred washes would my new galoshes be better than all the rest?

And so I took to splashin’, triumphantly mashin’ in muck along a creek
Then I waded in up to the brim to see if those boots would leak
But back on the road a giant toad decided to take a swim
And with a big flop, water over the top, my toes got wet again!

But I like the sloshes …

© 1993 D. Schumilas/Larkspur Music  All Rights Reserved.