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Technical Requirements for Amplified Performances

Set Up/General Sound for Folk/Jazz Duo

Dawn and Don can provide all required sound equipment but prefer to use house systems.  Dawn Schumilas stands to sing and play guitar.  She prefers Don Happner to be on her left.  Don Happner sits to play guitar on a chair (with no arms) NOT a tall stool.  We like to be close together, to hear each other acoustically, as much as possible. When stage monitors are used, we prefer a balanced mix on each side. We request 10-15 minutes to set-up and test sound prior to the performance.  Since we do a lot of acoustic guitar interplay, we like a boosted midrange on these instruments.

Microphones/Stands/Inputs/Stage Furniture

We require 1 mic on a boom stand for Dawn's vocals.  The two acoustic guitars use Fishman Matrix pickups and the bass has an active pick-up. All are standard quarter inch jacks.  The bass can go directly into the PA but the guitars require active DI boxes. Occasionally we perform songs with a classical guitar in the accompaniment.  This guitar has a pickup but requires an active DI box.  We have found a marked improvement in the sound by also adding a mic on the classical guitar.  Dawn's guitar runs through a chromatic electronic tuner prior to the DI box.  We will supply all our own onstage instrument cords.

We require one chair WITH NO ARMS (for Don Happner).  We prefer not to use the common, wooden hall chairs that have a hump on the seat before the front legs.   Padding does not matter.  We also require one tall stool onstage beside Dawn Schumilas to hold a water glass, set list, capo, tuner and watch.  A small table can be substituted if no stool is available. 

Hospitality/Special Requests

Ticket sales and ticket taking are to be provided by the venue.  We are prepared to provide some posters, upon request.  We require a "green room" or private pre-concert space to prepare, tune and warm-up, with access to a washroom.  There should be bottled water readily available.  Food is not required but a fruit tray is always appreciated.  We would like to sell CDs and merchandise at the venue.  Ideally this is done through a common “store” at a festival.  If this is not possible, we request a small table near the performance setting where we can sell product after the concert. We appreciate volunteers to help sell merchandise but are prepared to do it alone.  

Concerts are not to be recorded without permission.  Camera still picture taking is permitted at any time. We appreciate copies of any pictures taken by the venue for our future promotional activities.