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House Concerts and Fund Raisers

House Concerts

Private house concerts are generally booked when the artists are traveling near your area and have some extra time.  They are always acoustic venues, so no sound/lighting equipment is necessary.  We require a large room with a small performance space slightly apart from the audience.  An elevated performance space is not necessary but can help with sound projection and visibility.  We require a private pre-performance room to dress, tune and warm up, with access to a washroom and bottled water.  The performance space must have one chair with no arms. A tall stool or small table is not necessary but would be appreciated. 

An audience of 15-25 people is required, each paying $10, which goes directly to the artists.  The host of the concert, who arranges the event, guarantees the audience and collects/forwards the admission fee, is not expected to pay and will also receive a promotional CD for their efforts.  Dawn and Don perform an "up-close and personal" acoustic concert of 2, 45 minute sets. The concert is primarily original folk/jazz music, intermixed with Dawn's stories. A house concert of classical guitar solos/duets can also be arranged.  

The concert is usually followed by coffee/tea, wine/cheese, or even potluck meals where the artists mingle, spending personal time with everyone, doing one-on-one demonstrations and so forth.  Advertising is all word of mouth and the concert is closed to the public (ie. only the people you invite get into your home). House concerts can also be booked outside a normal tour (ie. we'll make a special trip) provided appropriate accommodation is available and the trip is affordable. 

Fund Raising Events

We have teamed up with arts councils and other agencies to raise money by putting on a small acoustic concert in a restaurant, church or small hall.  This generally involves shared door receipts but each event is evaluated individually.  We are happy to supply some posters and do radio/press interviews to promote the event.