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Songwriting Credits

"You paint a delightfully charming scenario with the words you use.  The clever wordplay is consistently upheld in this entertaining children's thematic. As a result, this song has achieved finalist status.  It's always a pleasure to hear this level of songwriting."  Evaluation Form, 19th Annual Great American Song Contest, April 2018

"This thoughtful ode to grandma is highly original, impressively crafted and the outstanding poetic imagery comes across brilliantly! There is no doubt that you have songwriting talent.  This composition has also attained a standing among this year's finalists." Evaluation Form, 19th Annual Great American Song Contest, April 2018


CD Reviews

“With the dozens of recordings that come our way each week  - and the hundreds that pour into the office during the year - it's rare that something that has been submitted to us makes us want to stop what we're doing and just listen to the music. But that's exactly what happened when we spun "Bein' Tender" from Dawn Schumilas's debut album "For the Birds". This beautiful song had me hooked within the first few bars and has stayed with me ever since. It's one of the definite high points on a fine freshman disc. If you like folk music that's moody, melodic, and memorable, then For the Birds is really for you.”  Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio

"With a voice that emulates the great northern songbirds… a wonderfully refreshing dose of Canadian Folk Music… tantalizing lyrics… rich interplay of four handed acoustic guitar… excellent sound production… Packaged with an attractive, well-designed layout, this is a welcome addition to our rich folk heritage.  With its solid performance and vivid word pictures, Dawn Schumilas’s For The Birds is anything but.”  Thomas Jamison, Producer/Artistic Development, Sleeping Buffalo Productions, Stony Plain, Alberta

“The CD features a beautiful blend of acoustic folk and jazz music, delicately laced with the tasteful lyrics sung by Schumilas herself.”   The Northeast Sun, Saskatchewan


Live Performance

 “I could put you two in any room and it would go over …”   John Paul Ellson,  CJNE Star Search Contest Judge

 “Your lyrics just transport me to another place … I’m such a fan of you two … a very professional performance …”  Jim Chute, Past President, Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA), SCMA Lifetime Achievement Recipient, SCMA Vocalist of the Year.

“It’s so refreshing to hear someone on stage this afternoon who can really play his instrument …and your lyrics are so vivid …”  Melanie Cheek, Spirit River Distribution, For Independent Recording Artists/Labels. 

“Professionally delivered and well received … Their repertoire has broad public appeal and is suitable for many venues including a family audience.  Their musicianship is well respected by their peers …”  Robert Berday, Artistic Director, Leather River Running Music Festival.   

“After hearing both (jazz) selections, the judges commented on how Schumilas has the ability to vividly paint a picture with the lyrics she uses in her compositions, and how it very much resembled the entertainment found in a side lounge along the Las Vegas strip.  Happner was commended on his ability to play the guitar with effortless expertise.”    The Parkland Review, Saskatchewan